Our school community is an agent of change


We promote a culture of individual expression with a global vision.

Our aim is that our students develop the skills they will need to implement knowledge and thus become agent of positive change.

A Sierra Nevada student is fluent in English in both academic and professional settings.


Our numbers
esn en numeros

Our Story


The Sierra Nevada School began in 1950 as a secular, bilingual, multicultural and coeducational academic project focused on elementary school. Today it has established itself as a multicultural, dynamic and international standards educational proposal that encompasses Preschool, Elementary, Middle and High School educational services.

We have more than 3000 students in our five schools: Esmeralda, Interlomas, Lomas, San Mateo & Sunland (performing arts High School located in Polanco).

Committed to creating a better world and convinced that education is the key element of social transformation, in 2003, Nemi Education Center was opened as an academic facility providing preschool and elementary education for low-income students.